Top 4 Tips for Cleaning Your Home

1. Get organized
Clear the clutter because you can’t clean well when there are things piled on the floor, tables & counters
Clean room by room
Set a time limit for each room so you are constantly moving

2. Gather the right products and tools
All-purpose surface cleaning spray
Glass, shower and floor cleaners
Duster, dust mop, broom, dustpan
Mop and bucket
Sponges, toilet brush, scrub brush
Microfiber cloths & feather duster

3. Remove cobwebs & dust first – starting at the top
Ceiling fans and light fixtures
Ceiling corners and door frames
Use a feather duster for picture frames and delicate items

4. Clean the floors last
Use a dust mop on hardwood floors
Vacuum floors
Mop your way out of the room

Use these tips and your house will be clean and fresh in no time!

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