Top 4 Tips for Cleaning Your Home

1. Get organized
Clear the clutter because you can’t clean well when there are things piled on the floor, tables & counters
Clean room by room
Set a time limit for each room so you are constantly moving

2. Gather the right products and tools
All-purpose surface cleaning spray
Glass, shower and floor cleaners
Duster, dust mop, broom, dustpan
Mop and bucket
Sponges, toilet brush, scrub brush
Microfiber cloths & feather duster

3. Remove cobwebs & dust first – starting at the top
Ceiling fans and light fixtures
Ceiling corners and door frames
Use a feather duster for picture frames and delicate items

4. Clean the floors last
Use a dust mop on hardwood floors
Vacuum floors
Mop your way out of the room

Use these tips and your house will be clean and fresh in no time!

Five Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Cleaning Service

The holidays are coming! In addition to your regular schedule of work, taking care of the children, errands, and other chores, now you have to do extra shopping, baking, and entertaining. You can’t do it all.

If you’re considering hiring a cleaning service, here are 5 questions you should ask before you make a decision:

1. Are you insured and bonded?
Professional cleaning services should carry liability insurance and be bonded. They should have policies in case something gets broken or damaged. For your peace of mind, Bay Cleaning carries general liability insurance and is bonded. Please tell us if you have any items that require special care.

2. Do you carry worker’s compensation?
Companies that hire employees pay federal, state, and social security taxes. They provide employees with worker’s compensation in the event that an employee gets injured. That means the homeowner won’t be liable. Bay Cleaning carries worker’s compensation for all its employees.

3. Do you bring equipment and cleaning supplies?
Some companies bring their own supplies and equipment while others may only bring the equipment. Bay Cleaning provides all cleaning supplies and equipment. However, we prefer to use your vacuum so we are not bringing dust, dirt, or allergens from elsewhere into your home. Please make us aware of any preferences you might have regarding cleaning products.

4. Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?
Cleaning companies should provide you with a satisfaction guarantee. At Bay Cleaning, if for some reason you are not satisfied with our work, we will come back the next day at no charge to make it right. Every home is unique. We encourage our customers to openly communicate to make sure that their cleaning needs are being met. Your feedback is an opportunity for us to improve and ensure that we deliver exceptional custom care for your home.

5. How will you get access to my home?
If you can’t be home during the cleaning, you might decide to leave a key under the mat. The cleaning technician will leave it inside when they are done. You could also grant access with a code to the garage or lockbox.

The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Maid Service,

a Manicure

and a Massage.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

A gift basket from Bay Cleaning is perfect for Mother’s Day. It contains a gift certificate for maid service, a manicure, and a massage. Customize it even further with a bottle of wine, some delicious chocolates, and a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant. She will love it!

What women really want for Valentine’s Day

It’s so simple!

Maid service

A merlot

And a meal!

Get a gift basket with a gift certificate for maid service for a year (or 6 months), a bottle of wine, delicious chocolates, and a $50 gift certificate from a local restaurant. She will love it! Free local delivery. 443-566-0040